1. They were rowed to the sound of music on the waters of their host’s private canal.
2. They overran the house without loss of time.
3. You shall go in, and take your place among the ladies you saw there!
4. Then Blue Beard roared out so terribly that he made the whole house tremble.
Edmund Dulac illustrations for Bluebeard in The Sleeping Beauty and Other Fairy Tales from the Old French by Sir Arthur Quiller-Couch, 1910 


Hannibal Lecter + leading a healthy physically active lifestyle cannibals need exercise too


Hannibal 2x05 Mukōzuke - Frederick Chilton






Like if you have ever expressed any kind of wish for Mary to be hurt/killed by Sherlock or John or both then here’s your one way ticket to get as far away from me as the universe allows, please don’t worry about sending a postcard 

Okay but Mary both hurt John and killed Sherlock?

Mary didn’t kill Sherlock but anyway, were Mary fans sitting around rooting for her to do that?  Are Mary fans celebrating the fact that she did that?  Are you on some eye for an eye shit or something?  Is there no room in your life for a redemption arc?

a lot of people in the Sherlock fandom have never actually heard of the word “forgiveness” nor do they have any concept of what a redemption arc is or how it happens because they’d much rather remain bitter about a female character that could hypothetically get between their supposedly canon otp

> John kills someone to save Sherlock in season 1

> silence from Sherlock fans

> Mary non-fatally shoots Sherlock to save John

> “omg I hate Mary so much she’s a brutal killer and someone needs to kill her so John can get with Sherlock”

> Amanda Abbington gets irl threats for playing Mary

> Sherlock kills someone to save John in season 3

> silence from Sherlock fans

Sherlock fandom, r u ok

The Sherlock fandom is in fact not ok, because it is suffering from fucking cancer


Nevada ain’t runnin’ after yo theivin’ ass.

❝ Richard Dawkins doesn’t really know any religious people, because he is from England. There are hardly any traditional religious believers. In England, it’s the Archbishop of Canterbury and 3 priests. If he wants to study religion in England, he should look to soccer. ❞
Philosophy of Religion Professor  (via philosophyprofessorquotes)

-Did he enlist you in this?
-I volunteered.

The Knick 1x10